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Resources Centre

Both the headquarters of AASFP in Hong Kong and the institute in Beijing are equipped with a resources centre with a large amount of useful information regarding sports performances, strength training, child fitness, club management, etc.  Welcome to here to browse a wide variety of fitness magazines and books. At the same time, we provide internet service for members to check out latest information regarding fitness.


Tools for Certificate Programs

Here are useful documents and tools that students will need during their certification courses as provide further details through the duration of the course.

  1. Health and Fitness Assessment Kit (For Advanced Personal Trainer)
  2. APT 15-Hour Practicum Programme Workbook (With Assessment Form and Confirmation Letter attached) (Only applicable to students who registered before June 30, 2021)
  3. Sample of workbook
  4. Sports Massage Certification Course Four Hours Practical Programme Letter

Administration Forms

  1. AASFP Fit-Health Volunteer Registration Form
  2. Student Request Form
  3. AASFP Refund Application Form
  4. Application of CEUs by External Certificate

Important Notice

  1. AASFP APT Proper Gym Etiquette
  2. AASFP Examination Regulations


Other Download