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Body Building Training Course May 08

Base Price: $4,980.00

Sales Price: $4,830.00



Price : $4980  /  Member Price : $4830  /  Group Price : $4530 (3 person or above)

Early Bird (Less $150) : registered 3 weeks on or before 17 Apr 2020 (2 weeks for AASFP Member)


Course + instant apply for AASFP Membership : Enjoy Discount $200

Payment via Visa card, the prodcedures are as follows:

Step 1 : Enroll AASFP Membership (Click here)

              Enter discount coupon code : BBT0120MEM

Step 2 : Enroll this course

Apply for AASFP membership now with this course, the original membership fee $800 ( 2-year ).

Details of the benefit of membership.


Courses Description: • provide fitness training skills and knowledge for the bodybuilding competition bodybuilding interested students or coach; • Learn different muscle groups, so that students can really target the muscles to exercise, in order to achieve the best training effect! • to combat the main theory, supplemented Course structure: Module 1: chest, back, abdominal and leg part Muscle fitness training (16 hours) Module II: arm, shoulder, abdominal, internal and external oblique abdominal And leg fitness training (16 hours)

Admission: Holder of Sports Science & Fitness Foundation Certificate or equivalent