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Lawrence 賴清湋

Lawrence 賴清湋
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: Technical Director, Classic-pro Shop Limited
Experience: 10 years
Motto: No pain, No gain

Strongest skills:

AASFP guest instructor

Lecturing (including fitness theory and practical lessons)

Designing fitness training plan

Endurance, muscle building and firming training

Training for special populations (e.g. patients undergoing rehabilitation, elderly and children)

Most outstanding achievements:

Regarding clients’ training

In the past years, I have trained people from different background and body conditions and changed them to a better them within 3 months. “There was a man who had to attend his daughter’s wedding. In order to look more handsome while wearing suites, he started working out, hoping to have perfect muscle shapes. However, there was less than one month ahead and he of course he couldn’t achieve his target within such short time.” Lawrence explained that muscles need time to grow and “through weight training, muscles bear great resistance and contract drastically and caused myofibril to beak and in the process of muscles recovery, myofibril will increase and the muscle grows bigger”. With 7-day training in a week, muscles lack rest and cannot recover and hence prevents them from growing. The training only needs to be conducted every other day and most importantly it has to be carried out continuously. After 4 weeks’ time, the body shape changes gradually and one can see initial results in 8 weeks and more obvious results 3 months after. 

Regarding academic information or lecture

Being instructor of the sharing session of Huanang Personal Trainer Festival 2015.

Being instructor in the talk of Retiree and Senior Expo 2015.

Being guest trainer speaker of Shenzhen International Elderly Care Industry and China International Intelligence Care Summit Forum.

Being instructor of the sharing session of Matrix Guangdong Personal Trainer Professional Skills Competition in 2014.

Being instructor of the sharing session of Huanang Personal Trainer Festival 2014.

Guest trainer speaker of the Health Care Course held on the Open Day of Tertiary Education course of Caritas Jockey Club Institute of Community Education

Guest interviewee of Recruit Recruitment Expo 2013.

Fitness Consultant of MRRM men’s magazine.

Trainer of sports class of the Friendly Wanchai held by Wanchai Methodist Centre Wanchai Elderly Service Centre.

Regarding contributions to the industry

I am a trainer and instructor with practical and theoretical experience. I can help you to “raise level” of training and goal. I am also the certified spokesperson for the skills and products of training tools FLEXI-BAR from Germany and XCO-TRAINER of Holland in China and Hong Kong.