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亚洲运动及体适能专业学院(AASFP) 於1992年成立至今,已在亚洲多个国家举办多项专业体适能培训课程,为亚洲体适能行业培育了逾十万名体适能专业教练。

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亞洲運動及體適能專業學院(AASFP) 於1992年成立至今,已在亞洲多個國家舉辦多項專業體適能培訓課程,為亞洲體適能行業培育了逾十萬名體適能專業教練。

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Established in 1992,AASFP has designed and conducted a variety of education and training programs in many cities in Asia, and have nurtured over hundreds of thousands of fitness professionals.

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