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Workshop : DIY- Equipment for Developing Children’s Fitness

Sales Price: $910.00






Price : $910  /  Member Price : $860  /  Group Price : $760 (3 person or above) / Early Bird (Less $50) : registered 3 weeks before start date (2 weeks for AASFP Member)


Currently, children fitness has become a huge focus point! Suitable fitness activities have proven to be beneficial to a child’s overall development.
This includes developing many skills such as their; concentration, co-ordination, discipline, self esteem and fitness levels.
By providing fun and creative activities children will be more engaged and focused to participate!
Therefore, AASFP presents a 4-hour workshop, enabling you to learn how to make your own equipment, design fun games to develop children’s fitness levels and you will learn simple key instructor skills to deliver these games!